2018 Annual Meeting Highlights

Dr. T.J. Tejera Receives the Distinguished Service Award

Dr. T. J. Tejera and
Dr. Ramon Ruiz

Dr. T. J. Tejera was honored at the FSOMS Annual Meeting by FSOMS President Ramon Ruiz with the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his service on the Florida Board of Dentistry. Dr. Tejera was recently elected Chairman of the FBOD Board.





Also recognized were Dr. Chad Marshall as Committee Chair of the Year for his work on the Society’s finances, Dr. Salam Salman as the Young Eagle (future leader) and Dr. Richard Mufson, recipient of the Presidents’ Award for his lifetime contributions to FSOMS and the specialty.

Dr. Chad Marshall and
Dr. Ramon Ruiz

Dr. Salam Salman and
Dr. Ramon Ruiz

Dr. Richard Mufson and Dr. Ramon Ruiz









Dr. Ramon Ruiz and Dr. Thomas Bowers


Dr. Ruiz was presented the Presidential Plaque for serving FSOMS President 2016-2017 by President Elect Dr. Thomas Bowers.




Meet the FSOMS Leadership

The following were elected to serve FSOMS in the coming year:

Vice President
Treasurer (serving 3 year term ending in 2020)
Immediate Past President
Trustees (3 year terms ending in 2020)
Dr. Tom Bowers
Dr. Dan Gesek
Dr. Chad Marshall
Dr. John Hardeman
Dr. Ramon Ruiz
Dr. Chris Johnson (2nd Term)
Dr. Russ Walther (1st Term)
Dr. Bill Storoe (1st Term)
Trustee (to fill the unexpired term of
John Hardeman ending in 2018)
Dr. Mark Tucker
AAOMS Delegates (2 yr. terms ending 2019) Dr. Dan Gesek
Dr. Lance Grenevicki
Dr. Don Tillery
AAOMS Alternates (2 yr. term ending 2019) Dr. Greg Grantham
Dr. Todd Reuter
Dr. Salam Salman

New Members:

  • Raphael Ason, DMD, MD: Kissimmee, FL
  • Anthony Bunnell, DMD, MD: Jacksonville, FL
  • Kroum Dimitrov, DMD: Miami, FL
  • Ross Freeman, DDS: University Park, FL
  • Carlo Guevara, DDS, MD: Gainesville, FL
  • Kevin Hall, DDS: Ft. Myers, FL
  • Eli Oppenheimer, DMD: Surfside, FL