2020 FSOMS Legislative Session Report

The following is a review of the 2020 legislative session prepared by our incomparable lobbying team from Gray Robinson – Mike Huey, Todd Stiebly and Jessica Love.

The Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Thursday, March 19, after voting on the 2020-2021 fiscal year spending plan. In the wake of budget uncertainties and the unknown fiscal impacts of coronavirus, lawmakers were forced to extend the regularly scheduled Session by one additional week in order to give themselves time to craft the budget and provide legislators the mandatory 72-hour review period, as required by the State Constitution. Governor DeSantis wields line-item veto power, meaning he can remove individual appropriations from the budget, and the prospect of major cuts seems more likely as the state continues to suffer blows to its tourism-dependent economy as a result of COVID-19.

Although the fall legislative committee weeks leading up to Session resulted in multiple meeting cancellations and very little progress in terms of policy legislation being heard and passed, the Legislature did tackle multiple recurring issues this session, including scope expansion for
advanced practice registered nurses, teacher salary increases, state worker pay raises, comprehensive water quality legislation and full funding for affordable housing trust funds, which historically have been swept to help pay for other areas of the budget. In total, 3,578 bills were filed for consideration during the 2020 Session, but only 210 made it across the finish line – representing just under 6% of all bills filed.

Download the Review of the 2020 Legislative Session