2020 FSOMS Legislative Session Report

The following is a review of the 2020 legislative session prepared by our incomparable lobbying team from Gray Robinson – Mike Huey, Todd Stiebly and Jessica Love.

The Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Thursday, March 19, after voting on the 2020-2021 fiscal year spending plan. In the wake of budget uncertainties and the unknown fiscal impacts of coronavirus, lawmakers were forced to extend the regularly scheduled Session by one additional week in order to give themselves time to craft the budget and provide legislators the mandatory 72-hour review period, as required by the State Constitution. Governor DeSantis wields line-item veto power, meaning he can remove individual appropriations from the budget, and the prospect of major cuts seems more likely as the state continues to suffer blows to its tourism-dependent economy as a result of COVID-19.

Although the fall legislative committee weeks leading up to Session resulted in multiple meeting cancellations and very little progress in terms of policy legislation being heard and passed, the Legislature did tackle multiple recurring issues this session, including scope expansion for
advanced practice registered nurses, teacher salary increases, state worker pay raises, comprehensive water quality legislation and full funding for affordable housing trust funds, which historically have been swept to help pay for other areas of the budget. In total, 3,578 bills were filed for consideration during the 2020 Session, but only 210 made it across the finish line – representing just under 6% of all bills filed.

Download the Review of the 2020 Legislative Session

Gov. DeSantis Issues Executive Order, Non-essential Surgeries


As concern continues to escalate surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic the FSOMS Leadership has been following its impact on our nation, communities and practices.

Earlier today Governor DeSantis released an executive order prohibiting health care providers from providing “any medically unnecessary, non-urgent or non-emergency procedure or surgery which, if delayed does not place a patient’s immediate health, safety or well-being at risk, or will, if delayed, not contribute to the worsening of a serious or life-threatening medical condition.”

We encourage everyone to review the executive order (attached) and use their best clinical judgment to remain good stewards of public health and per the Governor’s directive, limit patient interaction to the management of trauma, infection and the relief of pain. Please continue to follow the FDA website for additional updates as this situation continues to evolve.

Download Executive Order


Chad Marshall, DMD, MD
FSOMS President

Coronavirus Practice Update

The FSOMS is closely following the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic and is committed to providing our members with up to date practice recommendations to ensure a continued safe environment for our patients and staff.

Earlier today the FDA released the attached statement and toolkit for dealing with this pandemic in Florida dental offices based on our current knowledge and understanding of the virus and it’s impact on public health. The FSOMS endorses the FDA’s position and encourages our members to review the statement and associated recommendations. We will continue to update you as we learn more in the coming weeks.


Chad J Marshall DMD, MD
Gulf Coast Facial & Oral Surgery

COVID-19 Toolkit Link: https://www.floridadental.org/coronavirus

Oral Surgeon Needed

Southeast Florida: Part-time oral surgeon needed, leading to equity position. Please contact Dr. Fred Kaplan at 954 432 7025.


Posted: March 12, 2020

Making a Difference for the Specialty: A Recap of the FSOMS Legislative Day

Drs. Richard Mufson, Marcos Diaz, Carlos Coro, Mariana Velazquez, Jason Portnof
and Steve Kotkis visit the Senate Chamber during the recent FSOMS Legislative Day

Nineteen dedicated FSOMS members joined our outstanding lobbying team from Gray-Robinson in Tallahassee on January 22 to meet with members of the House and Senate to discuss key issues impacting the specialty.

Key issues addressed by the group:

  • SB 132/HB 979 Dental Therapists: FSOMS opposes this legislation which would license dental therapists and authorize them to independently perform irreversible, permanent procedures such as extractions.
  • SB 878/HB 145 Emergency Room Health Care Practitioners Public Records: FSOMS supports protecting the personal identifying information of OMS’s in ER settings.
  • SB 500/HB 309 Prohibited Acts by Health Care Practitioners: FSOMS supports legislation that prohibits practitioners from using certain credentials, including OMS, if not licensed to do so.
  • SB 1884/HB 955 Physician Referrals: FSOMS opposes this legislation which requires physicians and dentists, when referring a patient to another provider, to analyze the patient’s insurance or managed care plan to determine if the provide is a member of the plan.
  • SB 1830/HB 1103 Electronic Prescribing: FSOMS opposes these bills that require prescriptions to be electronically generated to the patient’s pharmacies.

A special thanks to the following FSOMS members that took time from their busy schedules to participate and make a difference for our specialty: Drs. Chad Marshall, Brett Laggan, Carl Melzer, Richard Mufson, Marcos Diaz, Carlos Coro, Mariana Velazquez, Jason Portnof, Steve Kotkis, Mark Tucker, Bill Storoe, David Thompson, Russel Walther, Uday Mehta, Scott Horne, Mark Braxton, Howard Fisher, Dan Gesek and Manik Bedi. Also thanks to Mike Huey, Todd Steibly and Jessica Love with Gray-Robinson for their invaluable efforts on behalf.

Volunteers and Donations Needed for 2020 Florida Mission of Mercy

The Florida Dental Association Foundation launched its signature philanthropic program in 2014, the Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM). FLA-MOM is a large-scale, two-day, professional dental clinic that provides care to any patient at no cost, with the goal of serving the underserved and uninsured in Florida — those who would otherwise go without care.

Since 2014, FLA-MOM has had a tremendous statewide impact:

  • 9,986 patients
  • 61,434 procedures
  • 8,223 volunteers
  • $9.43 million in donated dental services

We are excited for our upcoming FLA-MOM, which will be held April 24-25 at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center in Jacksonville. With a goal of treating 2,000 patients, FLA-MOM seeks to have a positive impact on Northeast Florida by relieving pain and infection, restoring dignity and creating smiles.

OMS volunteers are needed. To volunteer, or make a much needed donation, please visit www.flamom.org or contact the FDA Foundation staff at 850.681.3629. Many of the spots for OMS’s are taken by general dentists so add your name to the wait list. Dr. Marcos Diaz will make the necessary changes to get you involved.


Daniel J. Gesek, Jr., DMD

2020 Save the Dates!

JULY 10-12
Embassy Suites
St Augustine, FL

Water Street Marriott
Tampa, FL


Oral Surgery Practice in Broward County, FL for Sale.

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2019 Summer Meeting Recap

Amelia Island is always a welcoming location for our FSOMS Summer Meeting and this year was no exception. The weather and the ocean are certainly an incentive to attend this meeting along with our great scientific programs.

We started Thursday and Friday with required courses of “ACLS/BLS” and “Advanced Airway Complications & Management for the OMS and OMS Office Emergencies – Simulation Course.”


Our welcome reception gathered on Friday night retreated from an early evening rainstorm, but we had festive attire from Drs. Mufson and Blumberg and Speaker, Dr. Andrew Herlich.


On Saturday and Sunday morning, Dr. Andrew Herlich conducted his session on “Pediatric Office-based Emergencies and Newer Developments in Pediatric Anesthesia.”

We held our FSOMS Board meeting and welcomed new members Drs. Christopher Kuhns, Samuel Landrian, Juan Samaniego, Jason Sheikh, Bradley Pinker, Matthew Rossen, Ludmils Antonos and John Mazzuoccolo.

Thank you to our sponsor for our
Opening Reception US Oral Surgery.

We also appreciate our exhibitors who make our meeting successful:

            • Carestream Dental
            • Eagle Pharmaceuticals
            • Geistlich
            • HampMed
            • KLS Martin
            • Maxxeus Dental
            • OMSNIC
            • Straumann
            • Stryker
            • US Oral Surgery
            • Zimmer Biomet

National Osteology Symposium USA 2020

Oral Regeneration & Emerging Innovations
Orlando, FL
April 24-25, 2020