Dental Anesthesiology Recognized As Dental Specialty

ADA has announced that dental anesthesiology has become “the 10th dental specialty recognized by the National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards.” On March 11, the National Commission “adopted a resolution based on an application from the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists to recognize dental anesthesiology as a dental specialty.”

Dr. James Tom, president of the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists, said, “This historic vote by the National Commission certainly reflects the ADA’s ongoing efforts towards improved patient care and safety in the areas of dental sedation, dental anesthesiology and access for those with special health care needs.”

In addition to dental anesthesiology, other recognized dental specialties include dental public health, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and prosthodontics.

FDH Changes the Rules regarding the Dental Sedation Inspection Program

After over 35 FSOMS members responded to our request for volunteers to perform office anesthesia inspections, the Florida Department of Health changed the rules. They now plan to hire full time inspectors to perform the evaluations and cease contracting with permitted dentists.

Following is a copy of an email sent current inspectors from FDH Executive Director Jennifer Wenhold explaining the changes.

Dear Dental Inspectors:

We appreciate the feedback received at the sedation workshop regarding the future of the dental inspection program and understand the importance of having dentists perform the inspections. Unlike the Board office, the Bureau of Enforcement’s infrastructure is designed to properly and efficiently manage inspection programs. The Department’s infrastructure is designed this way to alleviate liability and conflicts with the Boards. Based on this, as well as the other concerns I have already shared with you, we are in the process of transitioning the dental sedation program to this office. The program will essentially remain the same with the exception of creating full time positions (to be held by permitted dentists) as opposed to contracting with permitted dentists.

I am working closely with my colleagues to transition this smoothly. What this means for you is business will continue as normal. Nothing is changing with regards to how inspections are being performed and the Board remains in control of the rules which outline how inspections are and will be conducted. We will be running congruently until the program is successfully transitioned within the Department and the full time positions are established and working. At this time we do not have a date set for this to occur but it will likely be at the start of the next fiscal year, after July 1.

Thank you for your feedback and contributions to making Florida the safest state for dental anesthesia.


Jennifer L. Wenhold, MSW, Executive Director-
Florida Department of Health
Florida Boards of Dentistry, Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy
and Mental Health Counseling, Opticianry, Hearing Aid Specialists and Athletic Training

850.245-4460 (office)
850.921.5389 (fax)

Help with Airways Class

Are you willing and able to help with the Summer Airways and Office Emergencies Class as an adjunct faculty (small honoraria included)?

If so, please email Rick Ritt, our instructor at

Call for Nominations for AAOMS Alternate Delegate

Due to the death of Dr. Greg Grantham, there is a vacancy in the position of AAOMS Alternate Delegate. Alternate Delegates are expected to attend all meetings of the AAOMS House of Delegates, which convenes at every AAOMS annual meeting.

Please contact Dr. Gesek by March 21 if you are interested in serving.


Dr. Gregory Porter Grantham, age 81, passed away Friday, February 15, 2019 after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer. A native of St. Petersburg, FL, Dr. Grantham moved to Panama City in 1973, beginning his 45 + year practice of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, as the first oral surgeon to serve Bay County. Dr. Grantham was a long-time member of First Baptist Church of Panama City. As an Eagle Scout, Lt. Colonel (Retired) Q88 silver United States Army, and an active member of the Republican party, Dr. Grantham lived his life as a patriot and an active member of his community.

Dr. Grantham had passion for being involved in the fabric of his community providing his expertise to those people in need, supporting the education of Bay County students and facilitating the availability of fine arts to Bay County residents. A few of the organizations to which he belonged in support of these passions included the Bay Cares (Volunteer Physicians), C.A.R.E. (Board Member), St. Andrews Medical Center (Volunteer Physician of the year 2016), Give Kids A Smile, Panama City Music Association (Board Member & Past President), Rotary Club & Lion’s Club (Past President).

Holding dental licenses in the State of Florida, South Carolina and New York, Dr. Grantham’s professional achievements and contributions include career membership of the Bay County Dental Society (President 1983), Northwest Florida Dental Association (President 1987/1988), Florida Dental Association (Delegate 1986-1990), American Dental Association. Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (Fellow), American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (Fellow), Southeastern Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the Florida Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (President 2004-2005), and the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Dr. Grantham is preceded in death by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar P. Grantham and granddaughter, Lydia Ann Saenger. He is survived by his wife, Sandra Pate Grantham; his sister, Gail G. Hall; his two daughters, Laura G. Davidenko (Brian) and Susan G. Saenger (Chuck); and step-son, James McClain. Together, Dr. & Mrs. Grantham share six grandchildren: Carson Davidenko, Anastasia Davidenko, Audrey Saenger, Leo Saenger, Taylor McClain, and Kyra McClain. Funeral services for Dr. Grantham will be conducted at 2 PM on Thursday, February 21, 2019 in the First Baptist Church of Panama City with Rev. Clyde Ellison officiating. Interment will follow at Lynn Haven Cemetery with full military honors being accorded at graveside. The family will receive friends one hour prior to services at the church. The following gentlemen will serve as active pallbearers. Brian Davidenko, Chuck Saenger, Carson Davidenko, James McClain, Mark Nobles & Brian Gandy. Honorary pallbearers will be Dr. Howard Fisher, Mr. Hugh Roche, Congressman Neal Dunn, Dr. Edward Meszaros, Dr. James Campbell, Mr. Barlow Magee, Mr. Royce Scofield, & Mr. Tom Mudge. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to C.A.R.E. in memory of Dr. Gregory Grantham. Expressions of sympathy may be submitted and viewed at

Southerland Family Funeral Home
1112 Ohio Ave.
Lynn Haven, FL 32444


Greg Grantham had two special friends here in Lakeland, Florida. Obituaries are so factual as they record the exact facts of a person’s life, and yet, they do not reflect the humanity and lifestyle of the real-life person. For that reason, Ed Meszaros and I decided to try reveal some of the real nature of Greg as the unique person he was. To get a grasp of how Greg functioned, he would retire at 8 PM (“don’t call me after 8”)! He would get up at 4 AM and start to practice the piano. I asked his wife Sandra if she could hear him doing that and she replied that she would sleep like a baby if Greg was playing the piano but would awaken like a shot if he didn’t. Greg would be dressed, have eaten and be at chairside starting his first surgery at 7 AM, five days a week. He was known for being a lightning fast surgeon who got much done every day. He had a slightly lighter day on Wednesday and would often take off part of Friday afternoon. On Saturday mornings, for many years, you would find him at the Waffle House having breakfast with male friends of various professions, chatting about the many things that men talk about. More recently, his sister Gale moved to Panama City. He pretty much stopped having his male chats, and more exclusively met Gale at the Waffle House for breakfast. When he finished his Saturday morning breakfast ritual, he would stop at Sandra’s favorite venue, Biscuit World, buy her favorite items and bring them home for her to enjoy as they chatted together.

An organization in which Greg had membership that somehow was left out of his Obituary, (but I have taken the liberty to adding it above), was the IAOMS – the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. This organization is the meeting place of OMSs from all over the world. Being at the opening ceremony of the organization is like being at the opening of the UN. The names of each represented county are read, and the members of that country stand to the applause of the entire organization. It was at the ICOMS meeting in Berlin in the 80’s that Howard Fisher and Greg noticed each other’s name tag and home towns and became lifelong friends. This organization was one of the places in which Greg and I also became friends. Our ICOMS Convention travel group consisted of, Howard and Irene Fisher, Doris Jannke, (my travel companion), frequently, Mark and Tina Tucker, and the Granthams. India was one of our most memorable conventions. We arrived during Diwali (the festival of lights) which during my 11:30 PM ride in an eye watering smog, was informed by the cab driver in broken English/Hindi, that Diwali was a Hindu festival similar to our Christmas.

For a few days we rode through Old and New Deli in either a mini bus, motor cycle Tut Tuts, or bicycle drawn rickshaws while viewing awesome venues or jumping quickly on board the bus while an Indian snake charmer was piping his pet cobra just inches from our legs. We sat on Mahatma Gandhi’s bed in Birla House and walked the path of his assassination on 1/30/48 by Nathuram Vinayak. Later, we boarded a famous train know as Palace on Wheels, for a week-long tour of Rajasthan Province where one late afternoon Greg and I mounted a camel and with the others and endured a wild trot out into the desert, for High Tea at Sunset. Never get onto the back position of a camel saddle – you will end up with a spinal bed sore from hell! We visited nearly every major city of the province and ended up viewing the indescribable beauty of the Taj Mahal, just south of the city of Agra. The ICOMS (IAOMS Convention) was held in the lovely southern city of Bangalore (The Silicon Valley city of India). Even though much further south than Deli, the Indian Ocean sea breezes make that city much cooler and less polluted than Deli. Our hotel was previously the home of a Maharaja, and the venue of the ICOMS meeting’s “India Night.” Other than the 58 steps (no elevator) to our rooms, it was a venue of enormous beauty and offered many exciting events.

Another of our group’s action adventure tours was to Antarctica. As we traveled 500 miles through the Drake Passage, our ship lifting, shaking and plunging violently into the waves we played Victory at Sea! On the Nord Norge, most on board were lookin’ pretty green! But ultimately, we were introduced to one of the most unique venues of this planet. Antarctic sunsets are something special to behold! The nights were somewhat sleepless as small ice bergs smashed relentlessly against the hull of our ship. For shore visits, we would be found in the “boot room,” where, after donning huge boots, we’d wade through troughs of disinfectant, clamber down a ladder on the side of the ship and into a waiting speed boat, to whisk us through the icy wind. for shore. At times we’d climb a steep hill for a mind-blowingly gorgeous view of the bay — our huge cruise ship looking like a toy bobbing in the bay below. We’d frequently walk long snow-covered paths near a penguin trail but were not allowed to interfere with the penguins as they qauk gauked away in their noisy rookeries. Huge predatory skua birds threatening their safety – or ours – and calving icebergs would break loose with a deafening thunderous crash into the bay, followed by huge dangerous waves. Seals of 500 pounds wallowed within a few feet of where we stood and were also out by the hundreds on the ice flows, filling their bellies with fish or krill or even a feckless penguin, as Killer Whales also eyed them as a potentially lovely snack! Such were a couple of the very many adventures our group enjoyed with the Granthams.

During the last eleven years, Greg formed a tight bond with Dr. Ed Meszaros, of Lakeland. They were a couple of guys “joined at the hip” as sportsmen hunters. The venues they frequented included: Argentina 4 x, Saskatchewan, Manitoba 5 x, England and Wales 7 x, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama and South Dakota. At times Greg’s grandson Carson would join them on these treks. Having had a father myself, who was a fanatic outdoorsman, I intimately recall the joy of trekking through vast fields or through forests primeval in pursuit of game birds or larger wild animals. But in the case of Ed and Greg, these foreign venues must surely have provided sights and hunts that few of us could even imagine. All Ed had to do was call up Greg and say: “Would you like to go to —” and the answer invariably – YES! They were both excellent marksmen and were big into the gun culture of really dedicated hunters. As you can see, Greg Grantham missed few things during his awesome life!

So, as we say a sad goodbye to Greg, we will all remember the warm friendship that he offered to everyone he met. Everyone seems to have their own “Greg” story! He didn’t wear his religious beliefs on his sleeve, either. He was a man who loved God and Jesus with all his heart and as such, treated his fellow man in a uniquely kind and friendly way. The reason e-mail lit up so fast upon the announcement of Greg’s inevitably terminal disease, wasn’t because he was just an average person. He was a man who loved and served his patients, colleagues and fellow man as few people who have walked this earth. He did indeed let his light so shine before man that they knew he was unique.

Good-bye for now, Greg – we will see you on the other side!

Howard & Irene Fisher, Doris Jannke & Larry Cook, Ed Meszaros,
Petra & Jim Platt, AND Sandra. Lawrence K. Cook, Editor

FSOMS Past President and 45-Year Member Greg Grantham Succumbs to Cancer

Dr. Greg Grantham of Panama City, FL, FSOMS past president and Life member since 1974 died on February 16 from pancreatic cancer. Greg was one of the nicest men you will ever meet.

A consummate gentleman in every respect. He was a loyal servant of the specialty, his community and his church. He will be greatly missed.

Services for Greg:
Thursday, Feb. 21
First Baptist Church of Panama City
640 Grace Ave.
Panama City, FL 32401
Visitation: 1:00 pm
Service: 2:00 pm

Please send letters of condolences:
Grantham Family
2856 Tupelo Drive
Panama City, FL 32405

Please see the published obituary attached.

OMSs and Staff Volunteers Needed for 2019 FLA MOM


MARCH 22-23, 2019



Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM) is a large-scale, two-day, professional dental clinic that provides care to any patient at no cost, with the goal of serving the underserved and uninsured in Florida — those who would otherwise go without care.

With a goal of treating 2,000 patients, FLA-MOM seeks to have a positive impact on the Central Florida community by providing important access to dental care.

Treatments offered at FLA-MOM include: cleanings, fillings, extractions, limited root-canal therapy and pediatric dentistry.


Help us provide dental care to those in greatest need.
We need the following types of volunteers:

  • dentists, hygienists,
    dental assistants
  • dental lab technicians
  • physicians, nurses, EMTs
  • general community:
    • patient and volunteer registration
    • patient escorts
    • interpreters
    • parking attendants and more!

2019 FLA-MOM


Download Flyer

Registration Opens for FSOMS Legislative Day

Our annual Legislative Day at the Capitol will be held in Tallahassee on Wednesday, February 20 with visits with the legislators and their staffs. Breakfast and lunch will be served to attendees.

Following is the schedule for the day:

8:30am    Gather for breakfast (Room 221 of the Senate Office Building) and a briefing on the day’s activities and discussion of current issues with our lobbying team from Gray-Robinson
9:00am  Group walks to the Capitol for visits with legislators
1:00pm   Lunch (Room 221 of the Senate Office Building); Visits with legislators continue in the afternoon.
3:00pm   Adjourn

Please email FSOMS Executive Director Hank Holderfield at if you plan to attend. Hank will reserve a room for you at the Aloft Hotel, located at 200 N. Monroe Street, if needed. The cost of the hotel and your transportation will be covered by FSOMS.

Remember, all politics are local.  Please make every effort possible to attend and help us protect our specialty.


Annual Meeting Highlights – Fall 2018

FSOMS Annual Meeting Orlando

Over 60 FSOMS members attended our 2018 Annual Meeting in Orlando. The weather was perfect and a great way to close out the summer in the south. Our meeting opening with our Board meeting and the Executives got right to work.

We also elected 9 new candidates to the FSOMS. Welcome new members: Christopher Chafin, DMD, MD; Danielle Freburg-Hoffmeister, DDS, MD; John Landis, DDS; Anthony Massaro, DMD, MD; Jose Montero, DDS; Brian Sybo, DDS, MD; Scott Roemer, DMD, MD; Mark Turner, DDS; and Vanessa Watts, DMD

We honored several members of the FSOMS as well:


Dr. Chad Marshall won the Young Eagle Award Dr. William Storoe won the Committeman of the Year Award Dr. David Thompson won the Presidential Award

Dr. Howard Fisher won the Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. Fisher’s wife, Irene was also celebrated with her contribution and support to the FSOMS Incoming President Dr. Dan Gesek accepts the gavel from outgoing president Dr. Tom Bowers


Dr. Tom Bowers’ presidential year was celebrated


We are grateful to our exhibitors and sponsors for your support of our meeting.


Board of Dentistry Anesthesia Rule Changes

Following is a report from Dr. Clive Rayner, Chair of the FSOMS Anesthesia Committee, who attended the November 16 Board of Dentistry anesthesia committee meeting, which followed the full Board of Dentistry meeting:

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