FSOMS Past President and 45-Year Member Greg Grantham Succumbs to Cancer

Dr. Greg Grantham of Panama City, FL, FSOMS past president and Life member since 1974 died on February 16 from pancreatic cancer. Greg was one of the nicest men you will ever meet.

A consummate gentleman in every respect. He was a loyal servant of the specialty, his community and his church. He will be greatly missed.

Services for Greg:
Thursday, Feb. 21
First Baptist Church of Panama City
640 Grace Ave.
Panama City, FL 32401
Visitation: 1:00 pm
Service: 2:00 pm

Please send letters of condolences:
Grantham Family
2856 Tupelo Drive
Panama City, FL 32405

Please see the published obituary attached.

OMSs and Staff Volunteers Needed for 2019 FLA MOM


MARCH 22-23, 2019



Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM) is a large-scale, two-day, professional dental clinic that provides care to any patient at no cost, with the goal of serving the underserved and uninsured in Florida — those who would otherwise go without care.

With a goal of treating 2,000 patients, FLA-MOM seeks to have a positive impact on the Central Florida community by providing important access to dental care.

Treatments offered at FLA-MOM include: cleanings, fillings, extractions, limited root-canal therapy and pediatric dentistry.


Help us provide dental care to those in greatest need.
We need the following types of volunteers:

  • dentists, hygienists,
    dental assistants
  • dental lab technicians
  • physicians, nurses, EMTs
  • general community:
    • patient and volunteer registration
    • patient escorts
    • interpreters
    • parking attendants and more!

2019 FLA-MOM


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Registration Opens for FSOMS Legislative Day

Our annual Legislative Day at the Capitol will be held in Tallahassee on Wednesday, February 20 with visits with the legislators and their staffs. Breakfast and lunch will be served to attendees.

Following is the schedule for the day:

8:30am    Gather for breakfast (Room 221 of the Senate Office Building) and a briefing on the day’s activities and discussion of current issues with our lobbying team from Gray-Robinson
9:00am  Group walks to the Capitol for visits with legislators
1:00pm   Lunch (Room 221 of the Senate Office Building); Visits with legislators continue in the afternoon.
3:00pm   Adjourn

Please email FSOMS Executive Director Hank Holderfield at hholderfield@pami.org if you plan to attend. Hank will reserve a room for you at the Aloft Hotel, located at 200 N. Monroe Street, if needed. The cost of the hotel and your transportation will be covered by FSOMS.

Remember, all politics are local.  Please make every effort possible to attend and help us protect our specialty.


Annual Meeting Highlights – Fall 2018

FSOMS Annual Meeting Orlando

Over 60 FSOMS members attended our 2018 Annual Meeting in Orlando. The weather was perfect and a great way to close out the summer in the south. Our meeting opening with our Board meeting and the Executives got right to work.

We also elected 9 new candidates to the FSOMS. Welcome new members: Christopher Chafin, DMD, MD; Danielle Freburg-Hoffmeister, DDS, MD; John Landis, DDS; Anthony Massaro, DMD, MD; Jose Montero, DDS; Brian Sybo, DDS, MD; Scott Roemer, DMD, MD; Mark Turner, DDS; and Vanessa Watts, DMD

We honored several members of the FSOMS as well:


Dr. Chad Marshall won the Young Eagle Award Dr. William Storoe won the Committeman of the Year Award Dr. David Thompson won the Presidential Award

Dr. Howard Fisher won the Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. Fisher’s wife, Irene was also celebrated with her contribution and support to the FSOMS Incoming President Dr. Dan Gesek accepts the gavel from outgoing president Dr. Tom Bowers


Dr. Tom Bowers’ presidential year was celebrated


We are grateful to our exhibitors and sponsors for your support of our meeting.


Board of Dentistry Anesthesia Rule Changes

Following is a report from Dr. Clive Rayner, Chair of the FSOMS Anesthesia Committee, who attended the November 16 Board of Dentistry anesthesia committee meeting, which followed the full Board of Dentistry meeting:

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KLS Martin Offers Significant Discount for Donations to FLAMOM

KLS Martin is offering a 45% discount on surgical instruments and supplies purchased by FSOMS for the Florida Mission of Mercy (FLAMOM) program.

This generous offer ends December 31, 2018.

If you will help us with a donation to FLAMOM, please make your check payable to FSOMS (for FLAMOM) and mail to FSOMS, 4850 Golden Parkway, Suite B-417, Buford, GA 30518. We will send KLS a check for the money collected and order instruments and supplies for the FLAMOM program.

Also, volunteers are needed to work at the event, to be held in Orlando at Edgewater High School, March 23 and 24. This is a great way to show just how strong our specialty is in supporting care for patients unable to pay.

To learn more about this event, and to volunteer, please go to FLAMOM.org.

And thanks…

New Opioid Rule Approved by BOD

As required by HB 21, the Board of Dentistry (BOD) recently finalized and approved Rule 64B5-17.0045, Standards for the Prescribing of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Acute Pain. It will be effective in 50-70 days, and if you do not comply, you will be subject to discipline by the BOD.

This rule does several things as outlined below. Please pay special attention to the new requirements that must be included in the medical record. These requirements are in addition to what is already required by BOD rule and statute.

It defines acute pain as: the normal, predicted, physiological and time-limited response to an adverse chemical, thermal or mechanical stimulus associated with surgery, trauma or acute illness. The term does not include pain related to: 

    • cancer.
    • a terminal condition. For purposes of this subparagraph, the term “terminal condition” means a progressive disease or medical or surgical condition that causes significant functional impairment, is not considered to be reversible without the administration of life-sustaining procedures and will result in death within one year after diagnosis if the condition runs its normal course.
    • palliative care to provide relief of symptoms related to an incurable, progressive illness or injury.
    • a traumatic injury with an Injury Severity Score of 9 or greater.

Adopts the following standards for the prescribing of controlled substances for acute pain. Please note, these are the new standards for prescribing opioids and are in addition to the 3-day limit required by HB 21.

    1. Evaluation of the Patient. A medical history and physical examination appropriate for the patient’s clinical condition must be conducted and documented in the medical record. The medical record also shall document the presence of one or more recognized medical indications for the use of a controlled substance.
    2. Treatment Plan. The written treatment plan shall indicate if any further diagnostic evaluations or other treatments are planned, including non-opioid medications and therapies if indicated. After treatment begins, the dentist shall adjust medication therapy, if necessary, to the individual medical needs of each patient.
    3. Informed Consent and Agreement for Treatment. The dentist shall discuss the risks and benefits of the use of controlled substances, including the risk of abuse and addiction as well as physical dependence with the patient, persons designated by the patient, or with the patient’s surrogate or guardian if the patient is incompetent. The discussion also shall include expected pain intensity, duration, options, use of pain medications, non-medication therapies and common side effects. Special attention must be given to those pain patients who are at risk of misuse or diversion of their medications.
    4. Periodic Review. Based on the circumstances presented, the dentist shall review the course of treatment and any new information about the etiology of the pain. Continuation or modification of therapy shall depend on the dentist’s evaluation of the patient’s progress. If treatment goals are not achieved, despite medication adjustments, the dentist shall re-evaluate the patient and determine the appropriateness of continued treatment. The dentist shall monitor patient compliance of medication usage and related treatment plans.
    5. Consultation. The dentist shall refer the patient as necessary for additional evaluation and treatment in order to achieve treatment objectives. The management of pain in patients with a history of substance abuse or with a comorbid psychiatric disorder requires extra care, monitoring and documentation, and may require consultation with or referral to an expert in the management of such patients.
    6. Medical Records. The dentist is required to keep accurate and complete records to include, but not be limited to:
      a. the medical history and a physical examination, including history of drug abuse or dependence, if indicated
      b. diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory results
      c. evaluations and consultations
      d. treatment objectives
      e. discussion of risks and benefits
      f. treatments
      g. medications (including date, type, dosage and quantity prescribed)
      h. instructions and agreements
      i. drug testing results, if indicated
      j. justification for deviation from the three-day prescription supply limit for a Schedule II opioid controlled substance for acute pain
      k. outline of problems encountered when attempting to consult the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database (PDMP), E-FORCSE, if the system was non-operational or the clinician, or his or her designee, is unable to access the PDMP due to a temporary technological or electrical failure
      l. periodic reviews. Records must remain current, maintained in an accessible manner, readily available for review, and must be in full compliance with Rule 64B5-17.002, F.A.C, Section 456.057, F.S., Section 466.018, F.S., and Section 466.028(1)(m), F.S.