FDH Changes the Rules regarding the Dental Sedation Inspection Program

After over 35 FSOMS members responded to our request for volunteers to perform office anesthesia inspections, the Florida Department of Health changed the rules. They now plan to hire full time inspectors to perform the evaluations and cease contracting with permitted dentists.

Following is a copy of an email sent current inspectors from FDH Executive Director Jennifer Wenhold explaining the changes.

Dear Dental Inspectors:

We appreciate the feedback received at the sedation workshop regarding the future of the dental inspection program and understand the importance of having dentists perform the inspections. Unlike the Board office, the Bureau of Enforcement’s infrastructure is designed to properly and efficiently manage inspection programs. The Department’s infrastructure is designed this way to alleviate liability and conflicts with the Boards. Based on this, as well as the other concerns I have already shared with you, we are in the process of transitioning the dental sedation program to this office. The program will essentially remain the same with the exception of creating full time positions (to be held by permitted dentists) as opposed to contracting with permitted dentists.

I am working closely with my colleagues to transition this smoothly. What this means for you is business will continue as normal. Nothing is changing with regards to how inspections are being performed and the Board remains in control of the rules which outline how inspections are and will be conducted. We will be running congruently until the program is successfully transitioned within the Department and the full time positions are established and working. At this time we do not have a date set for this to occur but it will likely be at the start of the next fiscal year, after July 1.

Thank you for your feedback and contributions to making Florida the safest state for dental anesthesia.


Jennifer L. Wenhold, MSW, Executive Director-
Florida Department of Health
Florida Boards of Dentistry, Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy
and Mental Health Counseling, Opticianry, Hearing Aid Specialists and Athletic Training

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