FSOMS Member, Dr. Howard Fisher Issues $25,000 Challenge

Immediate Past President Dr. Dan Gesek (left) and Dr. Howard Fisher (right)

In response to recent challenges to the safety of our practice model, AAOMS and the OMS Foundation have launched a study of past and prospective data related to anesthesia and patient safety. We know our practice model is safe; the best way to prove it is with data. The Foundation is enlisting the specialty’s top research talent to prepare and publish a definitive case for the safety of the OMS practice model. Few of us are qualified to tackle data analysis of this magnitude, so it’s up to us to support this important work with our donations.

At the FSOMS meeting Dr. Howard Fisher pledged a gift of $25,000 to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, contingent upon the FSOMS community collectively donating another $25,000 before December 15. We’ve raised 80% of our goal; your gift is needed to finish the job. The Foundation has promised to recognize the Society’s contribution in an upcoming president’s e-blast. Let’s make some headlines with our generosity.

Mail your check or click here to donate, or authorize a generous gift from your IRA or your DAF.

Please note “FSOMS” on your donation!